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Sidney Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1990 as a private limited company. Sidney commenced operations with Pressblowers, Injection Blow Moulders, 4-Colour Offset Printing Machines, Hot-Stamping Machines and Ultrasonic Plastic Welders. To grow the company further and to satisfy stringent quality requirements, we are proud of our business expansion in 2009 which included the addition of an 8-Colour Stationed Flexo Printing Machine by Omso, Italy. A 5-layers Extrusion by Breyer, Germany was bought in year 2013. At this juncture, we are planning further expansion to accommodate our continuing modernisation.

Our Technology

Extruded PE Tubes

Extruded plastic tubes are most commonly used for cosmetic tube, premium products that is presented well at retail outlets such as hair care, skin care, food and not forgetting household items. Sidney Industries Sdn. Bhd are always available for translucent or white selection of plastic tubes with EVOH protection for your comfort.

Photo-Realism Printing

With a 8-printing stations circular platform, the printed tubes can be decorated with flexography - printing process on its surface. This will brings out the outstanding result in terms of brilliance, quality and precise detailing.

Hot Stamping on PE Tubes

Hot stamping method are widely-used among personal care products, cosmetics industry and even haircare expertise would like to come out with this idea in order to create a boom where coloured foils are used to match the characteristics with high quality.

Tamper-Proof Foil On PE Tubes

At Sidney Industries, we use a high speed and precise method of foil-tamper seal for both printed and labelled tubes that it will hold any kind of ingredients shifted into your desired tubes. It is by far the best value on the market today when it comes to give an assurance for the fillings on your tubes. It has been proven across all of the major packaging industries that currently implements this process .


With a high speed and accurate automated capping machine being used to fix flip-top caps for your desired plastic tubes, Sidney Industries Sdn. Bhd promises to deliver an uncompromising quality of end products to your hand.

Sealing Process

Born to carry the success of the extraordinary sealing features, “Hot-Air” is used to maintain its supremacy in consistent for any tube filling procedure. Thus it still remains the “quintessence” of reliability, ergonomic and ease of use for this method in order to fulfil our beloved client’s criteria and remains unvaried.

PET Bottles

Not forgetting our highly consistent bottle produced under unbeatable quality for your fillings where our PET bottles are made by the usage of our processing capabilities. This proves that our PET blowing machine produces bottles for your beverages like juices, nectar and other pharmaceutical contents, as well as to keep our client’s to fill their liquid content safely.


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